Wednesday, 2 May 2012

April Report

April is the month of our Annual General Meeting, and as usual, our secretary presented her annual report of the previous year’s activities. I always enjoy listening to the annual report, because it serves as a reminder of all the interesting and enjoyable events that have taken place, and thus reminds me why I am so committed to the WI.

Diane Stonham kindly agreed to remain as our President for another year, and we welcomed Janet Gibbs and Halina Richards onto the committee.

With the business side of the meeting efficiently despatched, we then enjoyed a knowledgeable and enthusiastic presentation, by Nick Higginbottom, on The Night Sky.

Nick made his presentation easy to understand – he pointed out, first on the screen, (and later in the sky), those planets that could be seen, and explained how far away they are.( For instance, Mars, in March, was the closest it has come to Earth, and it was 100 million miles away.)
We learned the difference between planets and stars, and Nick had produced an excellent slide that clearly showed the movement of the planets in our solar system, and their relationship to each other.
Europa, one of the smaller moons of Jupiter, is known to have a surface covering of ice, with warm water at it’s core, and may therefore be able to support life.
I wonder if they have a Women’s Institute there ?

Here in Lulworth, our WI continues to thrive, with 2 book clubs, monthly walks, a Mah Jong group and a monthly Craft Group. Guests are always welcome to attend our WI meetings on the first Wednesday of each month, at 7.30 in the Village Hall, and non members are also welcome to pop into the committee room, from 10 – 12md on the third Saturday to join the Craft Group.

Do please, call me if you would like further information.

Elaine Knight

400 492

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