Wednesday, 15 February 2012

February Report

 Well, February’s speaker was definitely thought provoking. He had come, recommended by a members’ daughter, to talk to us about Tibetan bowls. Several of us, being yoga enthusiasts, knew about Tibetan singing bowls and were looking forward to the evening. Frank Perry did not disappoint with a wonderful selection of bowls some of which, he told us, were at least six hundred years old. The sound of the bowls was quite fantastic. Equally, his chanting was a very deep bass and amazingly loud, which rather took a few of us by surprise.

He was clearly at home with the spirit world, and told us that he (and his father) were  trans mediums – so spirits could come through him. He had made seventeen psychic drawings of spirits he had observed, he had ( I think in this life) seen a rose fairy and water sprites, and had, in previous incarnations actually owned some of the bowls before us.

Next month’s speaker is about  a charity making jewellery from recycled materials, the profits of which are for educating the children who live on dump sites in the Phillipines.

Elaine Knight


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